a few days off!

10 August 2009

We had a mini weekend holiday and went off to the Isle of Wight, and amazingly it didn't rain, how strange? We saw... lots of boats, many rich yachty types, a windmill, a derelict building, collapsing cliffs and warm spongy grass fields, loooovely!

Although I originated from this Island, as I can't drive so many delights had gone a miss, but now I have my own chauffeur (a.k.a other half!) I discovered there is so much more to see that I never knew about.

We really liked the crystal clear water and rocky beach at Seaview , I even went swimming a few times even though it was bloody freezing. I had a serious cold water headache afterwards, but I managed a quick recovery in time for diner on my mum's balcony on t'other side of the Island...

Whale Chine beach was amazing too (and empty) it was a mission to get to though, the steps fell into the sea so you have to kind of ab-sail down the cliff using a rope.

but once down there, you get this...

...all to yourself! (except for woman with dog).

I wish I was rich so that I could mooch around in the sun all day drinking chilled wine and watching the boats go by and such like...one day eh!

So back to work & reality today, sigh...oh hum...

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