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18 July 2009

...an alpine strawberry, and more to come hopefully. These little ones taste amazing.

This is becoming a bit of a weekend ritual in the Junkaholic's house, but I'm proud I can make at least one English meal for my Japanese boyfriend!!!

Ahh lovely! We had such a busy week at Rust jewellery, wholesale orders, customer orders and last minute wedding rings etc... but all went very well and we feel very lucky to be having our most profitable months during these hard times, hope it stays this way!!!

Nothing better than happy customers on a Friday afternoon!

Also we are having a little 3 day holiday in Sussex, visiting castles and hopefully huge sandy beach, then antiques fair...cant wait! We leave tomorrow morning so no doubt I will be reporting back with my spoils. I'll try not to spend all of my money this time but I'm sure someone has cut little holes in my pockets, as my money keeps disappearing? How could it happen?? : )

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