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15 July 2009

I made another zip-up pouch thing on monday...
But, as I mentioned last time, my sewing machine has gone all weird on me, so I had to hand stitch this one (yawn).
It's made from a vintage silk hankerchief I bought in the market (snot washed out of course, errh!) I really liked the colour and pattern. Inside I used some old piece of linen (also from the market) and a vintage zip as previously shown a few posts back...
I don't want to harp on about it, but even the thread and the needle were vintage too! I'm keeping my (very cheap and modern) sunlasses in it for now.

During my recent sewing bonanza, I have been wondering where my all excessive 20s went, long gone are the days of beer and 99p pizza's from the corner shop and partying to the all hours on a work night and spending all my money on clothes, CDs and tobacco. When I turned 30, seems like all I want to do is make things and watch my plants grow, argh whats happening?
I didn't know growing up would be like this...but it could be worse I suppose!
Anyway, back to the sewing...

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