market, market, market!!!

29 June 2009

I love these, but this one's can dance like Elvis, the perfect head tilt and knee wobble!
We couldn't let Nao's sister come to London without showing her the markets, could we?
So we did the full rounds of our favourite spots. I found these...

My brother will be looking like this fisherman shortly, he is a salty sea dog.

A 1930s milkglass bead necklace (needs restringing) and this amazing magnifing lens - Im truly attached to this already, its like, Granny style.

Had a modern one of these (Trivet??) and hated I got a new old one, perfect!

Check out this Executive basket!!! Flip flops and laptop! apparently French 1960s (well I'm not sure about that!)

A little cut glass bottle for carring my smelling salts when walking down Peckham Rye Lane!!!

I bought many many cotton reels. My cotton reel collection might have to start contributing to the rent.
Thats the lot!! Overall, I like all the things I found this week and managed to restrain my budget (a bit)

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