ice cream + car boot + beach = happy

22 June 2009

I had a lovely weekend on the Isle of Wight visiting my mum...
I ate three Minghella ice creams whilst watching the 'round the Island boat race' which happens every year, its quite a spectical when they come around the south of the Island and put their Spinnakers up, so colourful and a bit funny lookin!

No crashes this year, but there was an air/sea rescue just yards from the cafe, so exciting! (no one seriously hurt I add!).

I did the usual rounds at the charity shops around my mum's house, so many treasures to be found in there! (The old dears don't know what the have in there!)

a kids book...

with nice pictures in it!

a NSPCC enamel brooch, my favourite blue!
We then passed by a Car Boot sale on the way to the beach. I didnt know it exsited before, its right by the cliff looking over the sea, on a lovely green field with cows next door! I founds a few treasures in there, then went onto the beach.
It was freezing and I didn't get to wear my bikini :(
I need these ALWAYS!
a cross-stitch table cloth.

vintage knitting needles...I love the label!

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