finished scarf No.6

5 April 2009

Horray! I finally finished the linen scarf.
It took me so long because during it's making I became unwell.
Fortunatley, I'm recovered...
and went straight back to my weaving today!
I rather like it for myself,
although I was thinking to try and sell it, but the labour is
so long that it won't be worth it.
When I get a proper floor loom then it should be
quicker to make and therefore worth selling.
Well, thats my idea anyway!
Yes I think I've taken to it!
And will consider it a get well present to myself!

It wasn't that difficult to weave with linen in the end.The only real problem is,how to finish the ends of the thread when the shuttle runs out. I usually weave and inch back into the next row.
With wool, it just sticks together but linen seems to want to come unthreaded quite easily. I will have to sew them all back in by hand :(

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