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Jim's Camping

19, Moreton Road,
Dorset  DT2 8HT.
United Kingdom
Tel: 01305 853404

Jim's Camping, is a small, peaceful and secret campsite situated within a stones throw from Dorset's Jurassic coastline. Tucked away within the small picturesque village of Owermoigne, Jim's crumbling farm house and rambling fields full of seasonal flowers and vegetables, invites campers to simple, old school camping.

Misty mornings and relaxing calls of distant peacock and wandering guinea fowl will stir you out of your tent. A mild trickle of warm water will revive you in the old pig shed showers!

We first discovered Jim's Farm by complete accident. Whilst searching for a campsite at 8.30pm in Dorset, frantically searching the internet and driving from one to another to find them all full, I started to panic. There was a regatta on, which we didn't know about, and everywhere in Dorset was chock-a-block!
Last on the list was a phone number, no website, no photos, no review. I wasn't feeling very positive.
But then there was a very friendly gentleman on the end of the phone, 'yes we have plenty of space, just put your tent up in the field anywhere and we'll see you in the morning'. Oh joy!!!

This is a rare campsite, no 'facilities', no endless signs of do's and don'ts, no stereos blasting away, no larger drinking groups spoiling the tranquility. Just you and your tent (or small camper van!).

We drove into a nearly empty field, from a bumpy little lane, bordered with tumbling hedgerows full of flowers. Next to the field were neatly planted rows of bushy sweet pea flowers and a faint sound of a peacock. 'What an amazing place!'.

Jim potters about on his mini tractor. A friendly lady comes around in the mornings (but not too early) to collect money from the campers. It usually costs us £10 for the two or us per night. Ask Jim if you can visit his bird collection (if the peacock hasn't already led you there).

I love this campsite, in my opinion it is the best, and we have visited many campsites I can tell you! We have been there four times now. 

There are two hot showers in brick out buildings, and plenty of toilets with basin/paper/soap in them (take a lantern with you).
Place to do washing up and filling your water bottle in the field.

But, please don't go there if you:

a: expect modern facilities and entertainments
b: require a fully stocked campsite shop
c: want to have a party
d: like to make lots of noise
e: complain when things don't work properly at a campsite

I always feel that people should get out there and discover their own secret places, instead of relying on others to provide info of where to go. Exploring for yourself is always more fun!
I have seen what 'Cool Camping' guides have done to previously tranquil campsites : (

However, we have noticed that this campsite is having fewer visitors and I know how much the extra little bit of income always helps. I hope that you will have a lovely time if you visit for a little break, its the perfect place for relaxing and getting away from the modern world. This place will take you back at least 50 years!

Other places to visit nearby:

Lulworth Cove. Busy, but stunning! Walk all the way around to the quieter side of the cove.

Durdle Door. A big climb down a zillion steps to the beach, but well worth it! Use the toilets at the campsite at the top of the cliff. Don't forget to take plenty of water with you!

Bluebells on the way from Lulworth to Jim's Farm. Keep your eyes open during April/May-ish.

Ringstead. A quieter beach with less tourists. Large cafe/beach shop next to carpark.

*also,  Monkey World is just up the road!

To visit Jim's Camping, its probably best to phone up for directions as there doesn't seem to be any sign on the road when we last went there.


  1. This looks beautiful. Might even consider revising my 'no camping' policy...

  2. Lovely and tranquil - looks like an amazing break,
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  3. Thank you so so much for letting us in on your secret campsite. We went camping a couple of years ago and it was a bit of a disaster after having the noisiest neighbours pitch up far too close next to us. After keeping us all awake until gone midnight, they then went to bed and kept us up all night with the worst snoring I have ever heard! Will definitely be looking into visiting this campsite this summer, assuming we get some decent weather. x

  4. I love that bit of the coast so much. Thanks for he info - that is my kind of campsite. Promise not to make noise xxx

  5. Oh I would love to go here!

  6. You've done an amazing page for jim, he's very lucky! This place looks absolutely gorgeous, I wish we were in the UK so we could go camping there, it's just our type of place! Thankyou for sharing.

  7. Oh this makes me very excited about moving to Dorset!

  8. Anonymous18.6.13

    a wowee from me.

    your blogs uplift and inspire xx

  9. Anonymous19.6.13

    Thanks for sharing. We love Dorset and keep talking about camping so this has given us the encouragement we need x

  10. Anonymous22.6.13

    Yes Thanks for sharing Jim's campsite I cant wait to take off now when I break up for the summer term for a well earned quiet and tranquil spot of camping weather permitting :0)
    from Somerset.

  11. This is so wonderful! We are coming to England for the month of July and we have a tent and a car and are simply looking for places like this! Do you mind if I ask where to look for other campsites about the country? Also, is your shop open daily or only by appointment? I would love to come visit :)

  12. My kind of place! I love that area, my parents honeymoon'd there and camped around the coast. I have a 70's photo of them with durdle door in the background. I'd love to go back and re-create it! x

  13. I live in Dorset and all of the things you have suggested are absolutely beautiful......Dorset is a stunning place. I'll make sure I check out Jims campsite, it looks beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Em xx


  14. Anonymous3.7.13

    We go here all the time. We discovered it just after I had my daughter Molly in 2008 and we have been back many many times! Jill and Jim have watched Molly grow up and they are lovely people. Its a fantastic place to just chill and we shall be there this weekend!
    I love you photo's by the way!

  15. Anonymous8.7.13

    Me again!
    We went to "the field" over the weekend and I showed Jill your blog, she was blown away and asked me to thank you from the both of them. They don't have a computer so she hadn't seen it before.

    So, thank you from Jill & Jim

  16. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this place. We went over the bank holiday weekend and it was perfect. Exactly as you said it would be.

    I put my pictures here if you are interested: http://www.quaintliving.com/2013/09/our-new-red-and-white-bell-tent-and-jims-camping-in-dorset/


  17. Thanks for the share, amazing weekend in July http://claire-yvonne.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/jims-camping.html i followed your lead and blogged about it myself :-D x

  18. Anonymous21.3.14

    Found this because googled junkaholique camping! Had similar experience pre kids trying to camp in Dorset near Durdle Door - not only full but one place was something like £50 a night TO CAMP!!!! Where we ended up was pricy, not fab and full of youth - my boyfriend thought I was being a bit precious when I said we may need to move the tent because of the group next to us - then they started doing weird wheelies ... in their cars... we moved! I'm desperate to find decent campsites to go to with our toddler - this sounds right up our street so thanks for sharing!! Phillipa

  19. Hi there, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about such a beautiful idyllic place. I'm down below in NZ where we have a lot of wild places for camping called doc camps, or department of conservation. They are so much freer and peaceful than a commercial camp though we do like to go to them too in our old house bus, as we like meeting so many interesting peoples from all over the world. But I would love to visit your special place. Blessings, Trills.

  20. Thanks for the recommendation Artemis - always on the hunt for a campsite like this to take our nearly-two-year old and so now I have it earmarked for as soon as it starts to get warmer.
    By the way - I think I remember you from Falmouth days… I was a housemate of friends of one of your housemates (yes, convoluted, but it took me ages to work out why you seemed familiar when I stumbled across your blog) - I think you would have been in the first year… It must have been you with that distinctive name! So nice to see what you've gone on to achieve and what you're up to on your blog and love the positive feel to it all.
    Treasure after listening to Radio 4 news!
    x Lizzie (now back in Falmouth)

  21. Thankyou So Much for revealing the location of this campsite, it is ideal for us! I wish I could direct you to a similar place we stayed in Cornwall one year but I doubt we'd find it again ourselves... We're planning a camping trip this July with our 2 and a half year old and this is exactly what we're looking for; no straight lines or brightly lit toilet blocks, no concrete hook up pitches etc etc Proper camping ;-) Thanks xxx

  22. We also found Jims Place by accident .. cheap cheerful& friendly closest to wild camping .. with some facilities ... we will go back



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