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what camera and lens do you use? i mainly use two cameras, Olympus Pen E-P2 with Olympus 14-42mm lens, Canon 500D with Canon 18-55mm lens.

do you edit your photos? yes i always resize photos for my blog, and sometimes play around with select focusing and filters. I mainly use Photoshop and Photoscape, depending if I am at work or at home.

who takes the pictures? I mostly take them myself using a tripod and self-timer, occasionally some are by husband Nao.

where did you buy your tent from? we bought our tent from a very crappy company in the UK who I'm not going to mention, as I don't want to give them any business. You can find loads of suppliers {the tents all seem to come from the same supplier in Holland anyway} if you google 'canvas bell tent'.

who was the photographer at your wedding? myself, my brother and some of the guests.

isn't your shed too hot in summer and too cold in winter? no, I have a fan and a heater in it.

yes, but it must be so damp in there. no, its quite an expensive shed so it is bone dry all year round.

what make is your shed? I don't know, it was a present from my Mum.

is Artemis your real name? yes! You'll have to ask my mother why its my name.

are you Greek? no, 100% British {that I know of!}

what vintage markets do you go to? we go to pretty much ALL markets and boot sales in and around London.

which vintage market is the best? there's no answer to this I'm afraid. the secret to finding good vintage junk, is to go to as many and as often as possible. No 'one' market is ever the 'best' as there is always different stuff each time. If I knew which was the best, I could save myself a LOT of time and energy!

Yes but I really want to know where i should go to get loads of nice stuff for absolutely no money! I'd say go out of town, to the countryside. Look in the local papers for some local carboot sales or house clearances. Or go to a massive antiques fair in the sticks {go early! but you may have to pay £20 entrance fee}. Or go to france/belgium or holland.

where do you get all your vintage clothes from? Flea markets, carboot sales, charity shops and the internet.

oh your life seems so perfect! is it really like that? no, it's not. I try not to write about mundane or depressing stuff in my life because that's not how i want my blog to be. We try to enjoy everyday as it comes, and ambitious to work for ourselves using any scrap of talent that we can find, its not easy but essential for us. I know how short life can be, that's why now I'm trying to make the most of it!
If I can, then you can too!

I love your cat Plimsoll, he's so cute! thank you...it's a her!

I love your baby Pehr, he's so cute! thank you...it's a her!

Can I come and take pictures of your house/flat for our magazine/website? we very rarely do this, as its a bit of an intrusive feeling! also our flat is just two rooms, like a bedsit, so there is nowhere to put our all our private stuff like dirty clothes, recycling box or shampoo bottles etc, etc... If we move to a bigger flat/house, we might be more flexible about this!

who does your websites? me!

It's seems like neither you or your husband actually work, how do you fund your lifestyle? 
well, this is a long one!...

During our 20s, we both worked very hard day and night, making silver jewellery for wholesale clients. We earned a very meagre wage which we sometimes had to wait months or years to receive! We both rented a room in a large shabby houseshare.

As you can imagine, we had to borrow and take out loans to keep our tiny business afloat. We decided we didn't want to live like this, so we took a massive gamble {and another huge loan} and opened up our first shop in Tokyo. The money from the sales was all ours, instead of most of it going straight into the Buyers pockets.

We took some more risks to become more independent, selling directly from our workshop in London, as well as online...sales kept increasing! {thank you pinterest & blogspot}. We wanted to spend less time banging out endless jewellery like factory workers, so we focused on higher priced items such has wedding & diamond rings, made to order.

We hired some fantastic local skilled workers such as our engraver and diamond setter to help us, and we have a amazing colleague who keeps everything ticking over nicely, processing all the orders from Japan. Now we only make samples and some of the wedding rings ourselves, and we take orders online, so we can be on the beach or anywhere and still take orders via the Internet!

There are many ways to run a business, and it depends what you want to get out of life really. We don't want to be millionaires, who rarely see their families, we'd rather make enough to feel comfortable...and then go camping!

So, after gaining many grey hairs and a few nervous breakdowns, we are really enjoying our lives now...we appreciate everyday, and don't want to waste a single minute of it.

Its easier to start your own business these days, because you can have a website for free and an online shop very cheaply...so the overheads {and risks} are very low. Take advantage of your creativity and give it a go!


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