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My name is Artemis Russell.
I'm a jewellery designer during the weekdays, for our company RUST jewellery. I work with my 
husband and we have a little workshop in Clerkenwell London, and a shop in Tokyo. 

I live with my husband, daughter and cat Plimsoll on the Isle of Wight and we mostly work from home. We travel to London a couple of times a month to see our colleagues and make sure all is good at our workshop.

I really believe that we only get one life and we should make the most of it any chance we get. Thats what I aim to do, although it can be very challenging, as I also love to flake out in front of the telly. 
Our house is usually a mess, and I'm lazy about doing the washing. I reckon that getting outside if its sunny, is far more important than doing housework. 
A philosophy that works great in theory but not so much in practise ; )

I enjoy writing my blog and connecting with similar people all over the world. It has also become the perfect way for me to remember what we do and for family members to catch up on us. I hope that you will enjoy reading too!

If you want to contact me, please email me at...

{please read my Frequently Asked Questions page if looking for an answer, you might find it there!}

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