NEW RU.ST | Pearls, white sapphires and a new work colleague

11 June 2019

I have just made a very little collection of new things which will be available online soon (they have not yet been assayed).
I used some really tiny freshwater pearls and very sparkly white sapphires, which are rose-cut in a teardrop shape, quite diamond like. They are delicate so more of special occasion jewellery I think. 

Also a few new diamond rings and a new botanical signet ring design.

I recently found these really beautiful quality moonstones with amazing iridescent colour.

I try to take photos for the website on my own if possible but these days it is sometimes not easy, and two kids come along too. Whilst our sales assistant, Jan chatted to my son about cars, my daughter got busy doing her own thing, sort of copying me but doing it better! She was very serious about it and I had to take photos of hers too...


  1. Anonymous11.6.19

    She has your talent :-) Marie from Belgium

  2. Your designs and jewellery are beautiful, what a wonderful talent you have and Pehr is a delightful apprentice, she is a mini-me :-)

  3. Oh her hands in the picture, so sweet. Photos look so amazing as usual Artemis x

  4. Pehr is one amazing girl. I know you are proud of her. Talented like her parents for sure.

  5. Everything you make is so dainty and beautiful. Your darling child looks as if she takes after you.


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