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24 October 2017

It's been a long time since I posted about our jewellery so I thought I'd indulge in some new photographs.
We are selling more diamond rings than ever before and have introduced some new designs. All the diamond rings are made as one-off pieces due to the unique character of each Rose-Cut diamond. At the moment we have quite a few in 18ct rose gold which is really popular at the moment. The centre ring in the photo above is our one carat white diamond, on the left is a trilogy ring with champagne rose cut diamonds on the sides. On the right is an opaque diamond (a naturally coloured rough cut diamond) in a tear drop shape. The opaque diamonds have a beautiful range of colours, facets and depths that differ in each stone. Also shown is our new 'Wishbone' shape wedding ring in 18ct rose gold with Floral carved pattern.

These are some little yellow gold hoop earrings, carved by hand with our Floral design that matches our wedding ring pattern.

The moon and star collection that I launched earlier in the year has been doing very well and so I have introduced a few extra designs too.

Lockets are such a classic and nostalgia piece of jewellery so we always try to keep a good range in stock. This large heart locket has been hand engraved with fern leaves.

We made the Chevron and Wreath necklaces to complement our wedding range also, they are carved by hand in the same patterns, floral carved or laurel leaf.

My mister Nao has added lots of new items to his leather and canvas goods range, you can browse them all over on his RUST WORKSHOP site.

So thats it for now, I will be working on our Winter window display soon for our Yarmouth shop. Also I'll be announcing a discount for our engagement ring collection during November 2017 to celebrate 15 years of RUST Jewellery! 😄 (follow us over on RUST Instagram for the 10% discount code coming up within the next few days).
We have some new items coming before xmas, plus a whole new collection in the pipelines for the new year! Wow, thats a lot to do, uh oh.

If you fancy perusing our full collections, pop over to > RUST Jewellery.

P.S If you are planning to buy from RUST, from outside of the UK in time for xmas, then I'd recommend purchasing before the end of November to avoid the surge in international postal delays! (for rings that require resizing, please add on an extra 3 weeks before the dispatch).

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