Vintage Car Boot Sale (that was) - July 2017

31 July 2017

We are just recovering from the Vintage Car Boot Sale that we hosted on Sunday. It was a lot of hard work by everyone involved but much more so for my mister Nao who organised the whole event.
It all went to plan and there was such a lovely relaxed vibe...perfect!

We had a lot to sort out in the morning, even still hadn't priced up the big things and had to move straw bales and put up marquees as well as looking after two littleuns, so slightly stressful!
Nao found some straw bales at last minute and had to bring them from the other side of the Island in our van! For future reference, yes you can fit 10 x bales in a VW T2.

We were super busy in the morning, P got into the swing of things making her own tent peg and guy rope 'sculpture' ??

I didn't have much time to arrange things nicely unfortunately, but we did our best!

There were lots of amazing stalls selling all manner of things, and even had our little bell tent as a changing room.

Above was just before we opened the gates, you can spy a queue of people, eek! And all our cars and stuff took up three pitches.

My stall! Mostly clothes and accessories, I sold most of this, only have a few things left which I will take to the next Vintage Car Boot Sale in August. I have some more things to add as well, so its a good thing I didn't take them all this time.

Thank goodness my mum turned up to look after the nippers! She also brought lots of glassware and vintage tablecloths to sell so I added them to my pitch.

Some Henry Poole suits 👌

It's a very good thing that I was too busy to look around the other stall as I would have left with more than I arrived with. However Mr Leafy found a very nice old toy truck from the Lady above. Speaking of Mr Leafy, one of the stall holders was his name twin! What a coincidence!

I loved the range of vehicles that arrived.

We had a tea and cake van and the pizza van arrived at lunch time. That's why we wanted to have some straw bales and our big bell tent to have a sit down and relax.
We played some french accordion jazz music and a bit of Motown 😄

Our friend helped us remove the bales after the gates had shut. It was a lot easier in his Ford Ranchero.

Thank you to everyone who came and of course to all the sellers who took a chance and had the enthusiasm and motivation to come along with all their fabulous vintage stuff...Thank you to the school who loaned us their field...but mostly thanks to Nao for organising the whole thing so amazingly well!

If you would like more info about the next Vintage Car Boot Sale, follow us on Facebook or Instagram where you can also send us a message if you would like to sell there.


  1. That looked like a lot of fun. Lovely weather helps. Wish I could have come.

  2. What a fantastic-looking event! So much hard work goes into something like this, congratulations to you both on its success. Vintage cars and wonderful old things, music and food - what more could you ask for on a summer weekend?


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