sans bébés

23 July 2017

It's quite a rare occurrence that we have an evening free of children, but the other night, thanks to Granny, the stars aligned and we had a warm sunny evening all to ourselves!
(I don't know why the title is in French, but it sounds more sophisticated).

First we went to the Piano Cafe, in Freshwater for dinner. Nao had the potted local crab. I had a lovely quiche and salad with I.O.W cheese.

After that, a very short drive to Colwell bay, which is right next to Yarmouth. We had some drinks at The Hut, by the waters edge, perfect!

We parked the car on the slipway, and Nao took some photos. (we needed to get a pic of us both for the local paper, to advertise the Vintage Car Boot Sale, more on that later!).

After a stroll through Yarmouth, past our shop, we headed to a local hotel for a drink, which has a rather nice garden by the sea.

Anyway, not a very interesting post, but, just to show that you can have a sophisticated evening out in West Wight! 😂

(had to finish with the cheesy snap).

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