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3 March 2017

I'm just in the midst of launching some new jewellery over on our Rust online shop  tonight, but I still have a bit to do, so hopefully it will all be back up and running tomorrow night. I had a go at taking some photos for the website of our new collection in a nearby field.

We also have a new window display and a new cabinet at our Yarmouth shop, lots of greenery and old pots! It's certainly beginning to feel like spring a bit now.

Meanwhile mum life is humming along nicely. We are all so tired but now that Mr Leafy's character is beginning to shine and he is able to join in with the general banter, it feels more like a family now.
He will be one at the end of the month, can you believe it? I can't. 
As usual I am already getting excited about planning his birthday. He has the best big sister too, She hugs and kisses him all the time and he pushes her away each time 😂

Anyway, back to work stuff, it should all be available this weekend for those of you that have been asking. I've really enjoyed making this new collection, every stage from beginning to end in fact! (I have to pretend to be a lot of different people in our business!).

Pop over to RUST Jewellery tomorrow night and they might be live by then!


  1. Your jewellery is amazing . X

  2. Everything is lovely!!!!!


  3. I always loved your jewels. I especially would buy the moon necklace in a blink!


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