NEW rust jewellery

29 January 2016

Blimey, I have just uploaded lots of new items to our RUST Jewellery shop, diamond rings, and some new Men's item (some are not quite finished yet so will be available soon!), which incidentally have matching women's versions too.
It's been a mega busy month, so a massive thank you to all our customers around the world!
I myself am struggling to walk, ...and stand, and sit...and lay you can imagine I'm great fun to be around at the moment ; ) I still have a few months to go before I pop, so I have been distracting myself with work, and making and sorting things for the baby. I will be back soon with a post about this, when I get a minute!


  1. The jewellery pieces are lovely! I hope you get some good rest somehow!

  2. Wonderful presentation. The jewelry gives a very odd perspective and special mood when placed on the etchings.

  3. Such beautiful designs. It sounds like you are getting a lot done despite your pregnancy-limited mobility. Thank you for sharing your stories. I love to read them.

  4. aww it looks so brilliant!! Thanks for the shout out also, so glad you got that print, it was one of my favs too xx


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