RUST autumn / winter 2015

8 October 2015

Crikey, it took a monumental amount of effort to make a new collection and get them up online, something small has sapped up all my energy of late! These were mean't to be for autumn, but it will have to be a winter collection instead ; )  We had a lovely day in the woods where I took those first photos, lots of jewellery and camera bits strewn about amongst the leaves, it was sort of odd!
Our new things involve some lovely hand cut quartz and moonstone which I think is nice for xmas time. We also now have our ever popular 2mm carved wedding bands available in 18ct rose gold due to so many requests. Seems like rose gold is more fashionable than I thought ; )
And lastly, I have listed the little Isle of Wight necklace which I made for our Island shop opening collection, we've sold lots of these from our shop so thought it would be nice to make them available to other non-island residence! I carved the original one out of wax and then we casted it in solid silver. If you fancy having a browse of our new items, click here> Rust Jewellery

P.s. Thank you ALL so much for the lovely comments from my last post. I feel tons better to know I'm not the only one to feel like that. I'll keep you's all updated but I guess not much will happen between now and spring ; )


  1. I really love the oak leaf necklace it's beautiful.

  2. The collection is exquisite and the setting is beautiful. Yes I understand (from my daughter!) that rose gold is very on trend right now. I discovered recently that I really like signet rings worn on the little finger. Not sure about the current trend for knuckle rings though. Congrats on another stunning collection!

  3. ohh, krása = beautiful!!


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