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5 May 2015

I spent another whole day taking photos today, which I can positively say is like pulling out all my toenails. The problems is that I have no model. Apart from the obvious matter that I'm not photogenic generally speaking, it's also really hard to focus on tiny details such as rings and earrings using the self timer. We may need to find a model!..which is a scary prospect for me, as i'm a bit hap-hazard in my photography skills, and am not in the slightest bit professional ; )

Anyhows, here are a few of said photographs. I have added a brand new 'Gallery' over on our Rust website, and it's something I'd like to update regularly depending on new collections and seasons.

Just one last thing...It's Mother's day this sunday in some parts of the world (not the UK) but I'd just like to say a big Happy Mother's day to Karen, in New Zealand, I do hope you will be pampered by your daughter Sophie this weekend? Your littl'uns (maybe not so little anymore!) think you are one very hard working mum, and they appreciate you very much! Lots of love from us over here too (in a very windy UK) xx : )

P.S. Everyone, I am now back on Twitter! Come and say hello if you fancy : ) Junkaholique on Twitter


  1. You are very photogenic and quite lovely..inside and out! Remember that!

    I'm not good at photography...just don't have that skill set.

    The ring set is wonderful!

  2. You are a great model and your photos are always beautiful!

  3. Lovely pics and lovely inspiring model. Jewels look fab x

  4. Beautiful shirt / dress! Are you selling it in your shop? You always take beautiful photos!!

  5. I think you're very photogenic... and I love RUST jewellery.. those rings especially!

  6. Everything is gorgeous. And you are a wonderful photographer!

  7. I love the fact that it's you in the photographs

  8. You are lovely and very photogenic!



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