spring time rituals...London and Ardingly

23 April 2015

We have had a very nice trip to the mainland this week. We had the usual work to do at our Rust workshop, but once done, we had some time to enjoy a few bits of London before heading south to Ardingly Antiques market in Sussex.

We stopped at the Rosewood Hotel 'Slow Food' market in Holborn which is a few minutes away from Hatton Garden. Our friend is selling his chocolate there, it's made from cocoa beans that are brought to the Isle of Wight via tall ship, totally environmentally friendly mode of import. You can read more about that on his website Seaforth Chocolate.

The littlun had a try of it!

It's so nice to have our van out of winter storage, and driving around London in it is really good fun..

We found a great charity shop in Angel

And we quite often end up in Angel on a sunny day. It was really quiet on Monday, quite a few shops were closed and not many market stalls, which was perfect for us with a sleepy toddler.

crepes for lunch : )

...and then a sneaky drink whilst the nipper napped.

...i managed to squeeze in a trip to Ray Stitch haberdashery.

My mister found this nice shop called Present and Correct (I didn't see it but have found them online)

It has been amazing weather here, so we had dinner at the Tate on the south bank.

and a walk along the wobbly bridge.

The next day we woke up early and made the trip to the countryside to go to our favourite market at Ardingly (as usual!!).

I always loved these little chairs, and I found this one for a good price with nice wood texture.

the littlun found an interesting bat and ball game.

...and some massive clogs.

... it's that scary monkey from Toy Story! Argh!!

...and then we met this chap, he communicated with us...

 So we took him home with us of course. Remember we are not collecting junk, we are rehoming.

 ...we fell head over heels for this boat, and for a moment I thought we'd be hooking it up on the back of our van, but we drew the line at crazy purchases here. I think I regret it already though.

The best bit about the market is having beer and toasted sarnie in the sunshine.

Here are a few of the things we found (including the prices, as I am often asked about this)...

blimmin love this seesaw, it was £30.

and some chairs for our new studio (more about that coming up shortly!!)
£25 each

cinema chairs for £75

oh my goodness, the beauty! really like the job someone has done on them to strip them down, and we got seats 1 & 2 ; )

some fabric and dresses for £2 each

dresses for the littlun...

and Edwardian shirt (together £24) and mohair top for me...

and our lion of course! He is from the 1970s and is made by a company called Real Soft Toys in Watford. He cost £15. I love his face! (um, not sure where we are going to keep him yet : \

We did come back with a few other bits and bobs too, books and tins and things.

We found a little basket from the toy shop in Angel...

...and these are the things I found in the haberdashery.

Needless to say, we had a really nice time!

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