the middle of february

15 February 2015

Seeing as the whole internet world is saturated in romantic nonsense at the moment, I thought I might as well join in! My mister found me some lovely things when he was last in London, whilst all I could muster was a card. Oh dear : /

As I may have mentioned before, I'm really busy with work at the moment and maybe that doesn't come across on my blog which usually focuses on all the jollities of homelife ; )

Behind the scenes I am always panicking about something work related that I have to sort out and I am turning around orders and getting them to customers before their deadlines every week. I think all of this plus the daily boring chores of maintaining housely duties, have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed in the last few months.

Anyhows, my mister has a trip away planned soon to redecorate the Tokyo shop so my blog may have a little break during this time whilst I keep all the plates spinning!

I am also planning to design a new jewellery collection and sculpt them from wax for casting (a bit like this) within the next week or two, so I'm pretty excited about this (if I can get the time to do it!) and I'll look forward to showing you what I managed to come up with very soon.

But for now, here are some photos from our slightly chaotic, mid-February days...

We made Valentines cards for Nao (her pops, my mister) with our hand prints ( I think I found this idea on Pinterest but I don't know who was originally responsible?)

Our nipper loves drawing around her hands and she helped cut them out, she's pretty good with scissors surprisingly!
Then she painted them with glue and paint mixture and then dusted them in glitter (every project we do has to involve glitter!?).

We also decided to rummage in the recycling box and think of things we could make out of them. She decided on spaceship, I guess because she is soooooo into Buzz Lightyear and all things Galactic!!

We chopped up some sweet wrappers (that I'd saved from 2 xmas's ago!?) and used it as the rocket booster. Egg box no its made from a terillium-carbonic alloy.

When we are indoors, our littlun basically jumps on the sofa and runs the whole length of the house, all day.
I found some tiny violets growing in our lawn, which gave me infinite joy...

and we've been going for walks in her new-found fondness of the buggy (which she previously hated from birth!). I have now invested in a better off-road buggy so I'm looking forward to more long walks in the countryside. (sunrise photos by my mister btw)

So I guess I'll be back at my blog in March sometime, spring will be well and truly on its way then!!


  1. Sweet cards Artemis! Also I love the fox design and was so sad to see it sold out in the shop... so here's hoping you get the time to do some wax casting!

    1. Thank you! We should have some more fox items available in the shop very soon! x

  2. I love seeing what Pehr is doing. See is much more responsible than her birthday twin -- if I were to give Mimi a glass of juice like that she would fling it, I think. :( Wah! Mimi loves tracing and having her hand traced, too! Anyway, I am so fascinated by their similarities and differences. Wishing you all happy almost-spring! Xo

    1. Ah Alicia I was just over at your blog today, so funny to read your comment right after! I love seeing what you are all up to too, and how the girls are growing, so many same expressions! Pehr also flings her juice around sometimes but now she demands a glass so we don't have much option there ; ) We wish you a glorious spring too, in your beautiful home, those mountains are spectacular x

  3. I love your blog-- I'm a grandmother and babysit weekdays my two grandchildren-5 and 2, so fun but tiring. I got inspired to embark on totally mad project -as I am not a sewer- and make some pretty basic dolls clothes this christmas after seeing all your wonderful craft projects. What I also really enjoy about your blog is seeing where you get out and about with your daughter and Mister. I'm in Canada - Winnipeg - lots of snow and cold - so getting out involves layering up! I'm originally from Kent and Hertfordshire. I think what I want to say is your blog shakes me out of the everyday doldrums and gives me a nudge to be more creative.

    1. Oh I can't tell you how you have cheered me up today! Such a lovely comment to read, and what a super lady you are to look after two littluns, I am exhausted with just one at the end of the day! I'm so pleased you've enjoyed my blog, all the way over in Canada! Happy spring to you x

  4. Anonymous17.2.15 Alena from Czech republic. Your blog is so amazing. Beautiful days:-).

  5. Lovely post, and oh that little fox, I think it is one of my most memorable blog posts from Junkaholique and blogs in general! I was amazed when you shared it all those years ago, and I still am. I hope you manage to get a little calm time soon x

  6. Anonymous19.2.15

    Oh I love the spaceship sooo cute! Great idea to make something creative out of "the leftovers" :)

    Florida, USA

  7. Lovely photos as always, I love the glittery hands that Pehr made. Spring's nearly here :)

  8. Thanks for the Heads Up, but please do still continue blogging however long in between each one. I rely on you to check on all things beautiful and tasteful - and I love to see how Pehr is too....


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