Nao's old jumper

21 October 2014

When I first met my mister, Nao, we were living on practically water and air we were so poor. We worked till late, making jewellery for wholesale orders. I look back on it now and wondered how we survived! Anyhow, Nao always wore the same thing, about three different John Smedley jumpers. These jumpers are very expensive finest merino wool, made in Yorkshire I believe. Every time I remember him then, I can visualise exactly what he'd be wearing. Grey jumper, jeans and converse. Funnily, his style has changed a lot over the years, he has become more snazzy, different colours and patterns and usually much cheaper price point! He passed all his jumpers to me one day a couple of years ago, to see if I wanted to make some baby clothes with them. Well they stayed packed up in the shed until now, and now our baby is a toddler! 

The wool jersey is VERY stretchy and I found it really difficult to work with, but the upside is that the fit is very easy. I made a little jumper as you see here. It has a crochet lace collar and liberty print fabric tie at the back.

We both found it so odd to see her wearing it, because its quite similar shape and fit as how he wore it all those years ago (in his early 20s!) and was a bit nostalgic for us both. But how great that all that work and worry and struggle he went through wearing this jumper...all the international trade shows and trips to Japan...he wore this jumper. And now look who's wearing it! ; )

of course I have plenty of fabric left to make another three or so jumpers ; )

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