21 October 2014


This is a bit of a late post from about a month ago...
My mister recently procured a 1960s Bellyboard with the aim to go out in the actual sea, and catch waves on a small plank of wood. To my utter surprise, that's exactly what he did!

...not long before he can enter into this I think, next year?...

p.s. the sea looks all brown here, Its because all the sand is washing back to the massive sandy beach that got swept away last winter storms. I'm so glad about that as its one of my faves : )


  1. Well - who knew!! Never heard of a Belly Board, and I live opposite you ( well on the other side of the Solent, as t'wer)

  2. Never heard of a belly board either but love that pic of Pehr standing on it. Hope she has some baby crabs in her bucket.

  3. I have a board just like that! Didn't know it was called a belly board. At some point in the '80s, my dad stripped and revarnished both his and mine, but not before hand painting nifty monograms onto each! As an eight year old on the beach in Cornwall I remember being laughed at by other kids who all had modern fibreglass? foam? boards who didn't understand what "brand" mine was. Where are theirs now eh?! (Mine's still in perfect nick.)

  4. Oh I'm so glad it's all washing back in! What a fantastic poster and a beautiful belly board to match! I'm so envious of all your amazing finds!