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22 May 2014

So after the littlun went to bed last night (finally asleep at 9.30ish, not good) I managed to get a few things done and ticked off my long to do list. One of which was giving a bit of a overhaul of our RUST Jewellery website and shop. It's not a massive difference but I thought I might as well shown you my efforts. You won't believe it but it took me almost two hours just to get the photos to line up with the titles (some still don't line up in fact)...I am no good at html thats for sure. So finally making it to bed around 3am, yawn.
Most of the photos on the website are quite old by now, but I am planning to do some new photo shoots with wedding dress and flowers...the whole shebang! and also, we have some new collections coming (which I have yet to photograph). Next time I get some toddler free, chore free, work free day, I'll get on to it ; )

by the way, if you like, you can go check it out here>


  1. So beautiful Artemis. You guys are such inspirations!

  2. Love the biographies... not easy any of this with a toddler!


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