1 August 2013

'you know when...'

...you pop into Boots 'quickly' to get some mundane stuff, and then get totally sidetracked and end up spending an hour (and a lot of monies) buying a load of cosmetics, in expectation that you will be going out to some cool East End funktion with after-do or some such, that is totally imaginary? or is that just me? 
Because actually I never go out anywhere since I was 28.
Anyhow, thought I'd show you what ended up in my Boots basket amongst the shampoo and baby wipes.
I'd like to say they kind of 'fell in' my basket, but I carefully thought through, ummm, yes I NEED gold and pink and green nail varnish, I just need it.

Im not a one for painted nails, it just don't look right on me, like high heels.
BUT I have got a thing for pale gold metallics and bright colours. I guess thats why I make jewellery.

I mean, just look at the glittery goodness...

I thought about being creative with the nails (stumps I mean). Our kiddo seemed to appreciate my efforts for snazzy nails whilst I scrubbed her clean in the bath, at least.

I even painted over the 'post-camping dirt' that wouldn't budge from my toes.

I think a mole could have done a neater job with a bag on its head.

All jolly good fun. I have used up half a container of nail varnish remover, and the flat could ignite with the flick of a light switch.

p.s. sorry these pics are all blurry. I was using a different lens, and maybe I had too much fumes.


  1. This happens to me too! I love the make-up section, but never bother to wear it so I paint my toenails. I can't be trusted to do my fingers, they end up smudged with foodie bits and cat hair stuck to them. Attractive...

  2. Awh, I love your posts! And yes, I also get totally sidetracked in Boots whilst going in for baba items. My weakness is perfumes and glittery eyeliner! x

  3. Haha your mole wearing a bag analogy made me laugh...just what I needed after a really rubbishy day! Although not true at all, they look really pretty! x

  4. Me too, my annual foray into Mac where I leave with a palette of eye shadows that could knock Katy Perry off her feet, that I will try out on a Sunday when I have no where to go. They then get passed down to a lucky younger female friend or relative the next time we meet!

    Love the colours you picked :)

  5. Boots is dangerous shop for me. It takes me quite a while to pick a colour when buying nail varnish, there are so many lovely vibrant colours to choose from especially this summer. I really love the pinky colour you have picked as it speaks summer, my favourite colour to wear is a darkish turquoise colour. Your nails look perfect :-D

  6. I like the idea of the two colours - it is also a good way to touch up nail polish after your nails have grown a bit - you know, cover up the bare bits at the bottom.

  7. I did a double take at my bloglovin post updates when I saw junkaholique & make up jumbled in together. Haha, I guess I am just so used to seeing the goodness that combines your family & the quaint trips you take & so generously choose to share with us all (God bless your tiny tot - she is beyond adorable), that I was just surprised. But what a pleasant surprise!
    & that dusty brown gold is just the kind of colour I would grab when shopping!

  8. Anonymous2.8.13

    You are so cute! Have a little fun I always say:) Little Pehr would look so cute with pink toenails too...Maybe.
    Your Blog makes me so happy. Only wish we had some campsites like yours across the pond in the U.S. Though where I live in the Pacific NW we do have many beautiful sites.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet life w/ us.
    Arlena W.
    P.S. I would SO be at your Jumble Sale if I were on the same Continent:)

  9. Whats that beautiful gold nail polish called?

    1. I think its called Angel Nails, Max Factor No.55.

    2. Thanks, I will look out for it next makeup spree x

  10. Fabulous, you don't need on occasion for nail varnish imo, it lifts the spirits whenever you wear it. I just found a list my 16 year old daughter has written for her holidays, the first thing under the essentials column - nail varnish!

    1. ha ha! I think your daughter has her priorities right!

  11. God! I love Boots!
    Fab nails chuck x

  12. I like that very much!
    I don't have pretty hands and I can't wear nail varnish because of work, but still wish I could play with all those pretty colours to be seen in the aisles... So a couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to indulge and choose the most colourful green, blue and glittery golds to paint tiny landscapes on my nails. I felt ridiculously happy and little girly looking at my (badly) painted nails!!! Throwing caution and good taste to the wind! May you enjoy those lovely colours!