2 July 2013

vintage jumble sale *preview*

So here are a few photos of my Vintage Jumble Sale that is happening this Sunday (7th July) from 11am - 8pm. There is lots to buy for just a few pounds, prices start from 50p, clothes from £3...

jewellery bits and bobs from £4...

bags from £5...

cutlery £2 each...

some beautiful delicate hand painted Japanese tea sets, cup and saucers from £12...

a few weddingy things...

lots of antique shells and coral

and minerals, range from £4 - £20

and some stunning kimonos for sale too.

apologies for the dodgy colour of these photos, it started to get very dark when I took these.
There is plenty more not shown here, and I might a few more last minute!
As I have SO much more than I thought, I might continue the jumble on the following sunday. I'll let you know about this next Monday (8th).
I do hope I will get to meet some of you readers!

Oh and dont forget that I update events and posts on Junkaholique Facebook page too!


  1. i could weep that i cannot be there not only to buy some beautiful treats but also to meet you all - boo hiss :)
    hope it is a hugely marvellous day xx
    t x

  2. Oh shame I live soooo far away. This looks wonderful. Hope you have a great sale day!

  3. Wish I could get there, you have some beautiful things for sale! Your blog's looking lovely too by the way, love the new format.

  4. Oh my if I could just hop on a plane...
    Happy sales!

  5. Rebecca Johnson patienceandvertu2.7.13

    judging by the popularity of your blog and the loveliness of the items for sale you might be overrun/swamped with potential buyers! Seriously I hope you have extra help there manning the stalls and the premises/entrance before the sale. I wish you huge success and wish I lived nearer!

  6. oooh good stash! I'm selfishly keeping my fingers crossed that you do one the following week as I'll be in London ;-). I hope it goes really well.

  7. Charlotte3.7.13

    That's the most beautiful jumble sale I've ever seen!

  8. Good luck with the jumble sale! It looks great, sad to say I'm based in Paris, so won't be able to come down, but sure it will go well. I also just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I was recently introduced to it by a blogging friend and admittedly spent at least a couple of hours perusing the older posts - I love reading about your family and adventures in sewing and vintage wares, as I am a fellow vintage finder.
    Marissa x

  9. I love the forks and minerals... will definitely try and make it down!

  10. incredible hodgepodge! i love your blog/what you do!

  11. Oh I wish I could come. Such lovely little things. But I'm just too far away. In Canada. :)

  12. Sigh! So many beautiful things!