30 June 2013

wandering around brixton

The weather has been a bit too nice to sit indoors lately. And instead of doing housework (our flat is constantly a mess!) we ended up in Brixton and decided to have some lunch there.
Afterwards, a bit of a mooch around, it was quieter during the week.

 I love those African fabric shops! So much lurex and sequins, the perfect place of you need to make a fancy dress costume, mermaid, alien, Ali Baba, you name it!

Free advertising for our Vintage Jumble Sale...

We'd heard a rumour that there was a windmill in Brixton, but I thought this must be some kind of Urban Myth. But, low and behold, a proper, few hundred year old windmill...



  1. Your car is pretty amazing!

    I wish I lived close by to visit your jumble sale! x

  2. I guess Brixton was way out in the countryside back in the day... London is ever expanding and swallowing up the surrounding suburbs ;o) Eventually Brighton to the South and Birmingham to the north will also become part of the city!

  3. Yes indeed! But Brixton was the first place in London to get electricity, at the same time operating a windmill! Crazy London.

  4. there's a couple of windmills around our area actually, we always wonder what's in them as they're not in use.

  5. I would love to make it to your jumble sale...love your little car!

  6. this post is just amazing! That windmill is beautiful. Also, I love the oranges displayed with the dry goods for sale:)

  7. I used to live in Brixton and this post is making me pine ...

    It is a brilliant place to live and I miss it loads!

  8. Just spotted myself in one of your pictures above. Totally supposed to be working...

  9. Wow...i have no word for those treasures!! Have a good Sunday with your King and Princess!! Hugs

  10. rowan7.7.13

    I would have loved to venture in the "city" today to parooze your vintage sale but we have two little tots and they would not have been well behaved at all!
    Any chance you might have a mini sale in your neighbourhood? We're around the corner in HH and would definitely come!
    I loved the pocket watches and the bottle stoppers - hope there are some left

    love you blog - I have my sister reading it too, in Australia