sissinghurst castle and gardens

28 May 2013

This bank holiday, we had to stay at home for the Saturday as our drain was blocked outside, so Thames Water arrived with a HUGE truck to suck it all up. Nice.

We made up for it on Sunday, though, as we discovered Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, which was absolutely beautiful.

so many flowers and scent everywhere, ahhh.

and dark mossy corners full of unusual ferns and delicate flowers.

We had lunch and lazed about on the lawn, little'un practised some walking.

Nao climbed to the top of a tower to take some photos (actually most of these photos are by Nao, accept the ones he is in or course).

there happened to be some very nice old cars in the car park too, I loved this little MG...

National Trust have the best ever overflow carparks, what a most immaculate lawn! It was a lovely afternoon and we attempted to make a cup of tea with formula milk (we'd run out of milk btw) it was revolting.

after that, we went to see the bluebell woods that grow on the estate. Unfortunately the babe fell asleep.

but woke up on the stroll back, so we did get to take a few snaps of her amongst the bluebells. She squealed and gently touched the flowers with much curiosity.

what a blinder of a day, I highly recommend Sissinghurst as a day trip from dirty ol'London.

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