21 April 2013

farewell Well, oh well...

We are finally selling our beloved stone well! Its been the centrepiece of our RUST shop for so long, I have gotten used to walking around it everyday...but sadly we are clearing out the shop to make more workspace and we have no garden to put it in : (
I dreamt one day of planting a cherry tree in it, and sitting underneath with a glass of chilled wine.
We have listed it on Ebay HERE (goes live at 21/04 21.30 gmt), where you can read all about it, if you are looking for such a thing.
I dont think Royal Mail will accept it so, collection only from our Central London workshop.

Oh well! goodbye cherubs!


  1. Anonymous21.4.13

    Can't see the listing on Ebay...

    1. hopefully it should go live at 9.30pm, thanks.

  2. must be hard to let go of something so beautiful...