24 March 2013

volksworld show 2013

As VW camper owners, we felt obliged to attend Volksworld, one of the many VW shows that go on around the country. Its full of beautiful and bonkers vans, beetles and cars, and all things Volkswagen. There were many amazing vehicles and some mutilated customised creations.
We went to have a nosey at other peoples vans and to hopefully pick up a few spare parts at the jumble sale. Here are a few of my favourite pics from the day...

The glummest of weather kindly joined us. ...It was snowing.

one of my particular favourites...

lots of this going on...

I'd love to see this one navigate the speed bumps on our road. In fact, someone please tell me how this van even got to the show? (yes, the bumper is touching the grass)...


we bought an original car radio, and new clock for our camper at the jumble.

All in all, a bit of an eye opener. I can't wait for the next one! (did I just say that?).


  1. How wonderful! That blue kombi set up for a picnic looks brand new. I hope you take us with you again for the next one!

  2. Beautiful photos! VW is not just a brand, is a symbol of an era.

  3. patience and vertu25.3.13

    Am I too old at 50 to want a campervan? I hope I'm not quite assembling my "bucket list" but if anyones listening I'd love to own one for a few summers .....

  4. VW envy here!
    I once bought a VW Beetle, 1303S model. Relatively modern, it was bright red and had a curved front windscreen. I soon got used to finding it surrounded by admirers in car parks, and being flashed on the road by other VW drivers (compulsory, apparently!).
    It saved my life. Another wild teenager drove into the back of me at high speed, warping the chassis of my lovely car, but the police told me that I would probably have been killed had I been in anything less substantial.

  5. This makes me nostalgic for my mother's Volkswagen, which she sold when I was 7. : ) Oh but wow your VW is so shiny!

  6. I've never been the type to go to a car show--but this is beautiful!

  7. My husband did that to a car, I don´t know if I can explain it in english but I´ll give it a try. The car that touches the grass have a hudralic(?) system built to the frame of the car and with a controll-panel you can make it go up and down... We have something like that on our Ford -46 coupe (My husband´s a fan of Ford).

  8. We didn't make it VolksWorld this year because I didn't buy camping tickets in time, and it was our last free weekend before our wedding. I know a lot of people struggled to make it there because of the snow though. Hopefully see you at another show one day!

  9. Oh my.. one day! A girl can dream...