9 March 2013

a very small enterprise

I havent added any new stock to my vintage shop for a whole year! Lots of excuses reasons for that.
Anyways, I am planning to re-open my shop next week, and with a new look format and some new packaging too. I got all excited when I found the backs of our RUST order form pads, had nice recycled grey card...hmmmmm...new tags? Pehr luckily, loves to watch me doing things. If I am on the computer all day, then she will be grumpy the whole day, funny innit?
As I was saying, I started making some tags for my junk, on the sofa, and then on the living room floor...

I ordered some new stamps with my logo on. They are a bit irregular, but, so am I!

I also made some business cards, I made 9, so I will have to consider very carefully who I give them to.
I remember needing a Junkaholique card once, in the last three years, so therefore I have enough for the next, um  ...*counts on fingers* ...27 years.


  1. The tags look brill! Little Pehr's neckerchief looks so sweet too.

  2. Those are such cute tags. I'm irregular, too ;)

  3. Emily B9.3.13

    Great tags and business cards and so much more interesting than shop bought tags. I love Pehr's jumper and your scissors are beautiful!

  4. Very pretty though... we had a card-making venture which wasn't overly successful so now have greetings cards for every occasion for ever more. Anyway, your limited editions may become collector's items one day!

  5. She just watching so she can help when she's bigger.

  6. Love the tags & love Pehr! She is observing intently of what you are doing, absorbing your creativity. I miss my son being that small & still contain-able :-)


  7. They are so beautiful - I love irregular!

  8. You are so clever and creative!

    Also I must say I absolutely love your jewellery items. I have a few of the rings bookmarked on the computer in the hopes I'll be lucky enough to get one, one day :)

  9. Oh wow, how nice are these cards and how sweet your daughter.
    I love your blog and the stuff you create.
    thanks for all these inspirations.
    Greetings from Germany

  10. I printed my own business cards too recently and was saving them for something important... Then I realised I never go anywhere important so am just handing them out all over the place! Well, within reason... Really like the white tips on your tags by the way!

  11. Your new tags are just perfect, I love them!

    x Shannon

  12. Where did you get the stamp made? I'm very excited by the idea of having something so intricate made.


  13. My little boy loves to watch me make things too, but only when I'm making things for him! (He's only 4 months old and he already has me wrapped around his tiny little finger.)
    Beautiful tags and well done for getting so much done with a little one to look after!

  14. Love it! one card every three years! I remember doing funny craft activities with my little girl on her playmat, enjoy it while it lasts.

  15. If I had the skills I would have gone for something like this as well... But unfortunately I am quite sure of the failure of a possible attempt! Keep up the good work!

  16. You inspire me so much!



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