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9 March 2013

I havent added any new stock to my vintage shop for a whole year! Lots of excuses reasons for that.
Anyways, I am planning to re-open my shop next week, and with a new look format and some new packaging too. I got all excited when I found the backs of our RUST order form pads, had nice recycled grey card...hmmmmm...new tags? Pehr luckily, loves to watch me doing things. If I am on the computer all day, then she will be grumpy the whole day, funny innit?
As I was saying, I started making some tags for my junk, on the sofa, and then on the living room floor...

I ordered some new stamps with my logo on. They are a bit irregular, but, so am I!

I also made some business cards, I made 9, so I will have to consider very carefully who I give them to.
I remember needing a Junkaholique card once, in the last three years, so therefore I have enough for the next, um  ...*counts on fingers* ...27 years.

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