27 March 2013

Making bits and bobs

Ive been doing a few little projects here and there whilst our little-un has been having a kip or mellowed out (which lately isn't often as I think she has some teeth coming through). I have a billion and one ideas in my head, that sometimes its a bit overwhelming and I have to sit down with a cup of tea to calm down. Anyways, one thing I have been meaning to do for a while is to make a photo album of actual printed photos, of Pehr's first (well, first everything really!) year of life. I'm up to month 5.

I used my Pogo Polaroid printer, the pictures are adhesive on the back.
I did some pretty wobbly embroidery on the front, and its a bit padded.

Hopefully I will keep adding some more photos (hopefully)

Another thing I did that takes about 10 minutes of anyone's time, is to make one of those jam jar pin cushion things that I see everywhere. Its easy peasy. This jar had some gooseberries in it, so I'm glad I kept it. It came with a separate disk. I just cut out a circle of fabric, glued it over the edge of the disk leaving a gap, stuffed in some poly stuffing, sealed it up with glue. Then glued a circle of fabric to cover the scruffy bit. There's loads of tutorials on the web, if my description was as useful as a bicycle is to a fish. I might make one for my mister, as he does a bit of leather sewing sometimes (obviously not a flowery one though).

So Easter has crept up on us already! Its funny that we never celebrated Easter when I was a kid. I suppose its a religious thing and not being religious myself...it always passed me by (apart from eating chocolate eggs, don't need no official reason to do that though). 
Anyways, having a child, I want to make her childhood exciting and happy (within reason!) and I like the idea of Easter, celebrating spring, Easter egg hunts, Easter bonnet making...nice! Although I don't worship any god, I do believe in Nature is to be worshiped and celebrated.

So I have decided to start this weekend. Obviously our tot is too small to enjoy it really, but it will be good practise for me, it will be my first Easter too! Should I think of a different name for it? or will that be confusing? hmm.... 
Sorry to ponder out loud! x


  1. Loving these ideas. I'm inspired for the pin pot thingy!
    We shall be off into nature marching through the Lake District/National Trust houses and pubs. No egg laying bunnies for us either. But we will be heartily eating with good friends and drinking good wine - with a cadbury creme egg or two in there. How do you eat yours?

  2. For some reason Junkaholique fell off our blog reader and have missed so many of your posts, I'm so glad I had a thought ping and managed to find my way back! - Charlotte

  3. Hey! All of the projects you have shown up there are absolutely lovely! I am so glad you are going to celebrate Easter for the first time. It seems a shame to miss out on such a traditional event. :D Maybe you should read the Easter story to Pher when she gets a bit older and more interested? From what I have experienced my little Nephew really enjoys stories. It is a nice little tradition! :D xx

  4. Anonymous27.3.13

    Easter is the best pagan festival ever nature, fertility and rebirth with added sweeties! Get thee to a simnel cake and bite the head off that chocolate bunny enjoy!
    Jane xx

  5. Love the new makes. Happy Easter/choc fest to you xo

  6. Michelle27.3.13

    Pehr is a precious little cherub. Teething is so stressful for everyone, especially the baby. If you can find homeopathic teething tablets or homeopathic chamomile, those help a bit, and look on etsy for an amber teething necklace or bracelet, they work too. Also let her chew on a frozen corner of a washcloth, fold in a triangle, dip one corner in water and freeze. Good luck, it doesn't last forever. You have a beautiful family.

  7. Happy Easter Lovely Family. Here's to many more wonderful celebrations and traditions in the future.. ♥

  8. Emily B28.3.13

    The Story of Pehr is a lovely idea. I love Easter too. Every year we have an Easter 'tree' (a branch with spring blossom and buds hung with little eggs and other decorations) and when the children were small we would take them to a farm to see the baby animals. Happy Easter!

  9. that album is so lovely, i'm sure pehr will love looking through it when she's a bit older! i'm so impressed when new parents find the time for things like this! hope you have a lovely easter weekend! :)

  10. Lovely album, unforgetable gift for Pehr.

  11. The book is SO SWEET. You're going to be so happy forever that you are putting that together. I totally understand that feeling of having so many ideas that you don't know where to start and kinda just need to sit down for a minute. :)

    OH, and SAME experience, never celebrated Easter as a kid (or really anything)...but actually, I do have fun celebrating things now as an adult and especially with a child. I don't really celebrate the holidays per say, but it's an excuse to do something fun. For Easter I had fun decorating some Leopard printed eggs, ha. :) (first time decorating eggs, so yep, I'm a kid again). http://hennablossom.com/?p=809 (if you want to seeeee). :)

    I like the idea of traditions for my son, but it's all so new to me...the idea traditions is that you continue something on and have that warm reminiscing feeling. I'm just making it all up as I go! :)

    Happy Celebrating Spring to you! :)

  12. Don't forget to make Shredded Wheat nests with little sugared eggs as a practice run for Pehr later. Also never too soon to look for little baskets for Easter Egg hunts.

  13. Rowena29.3.13

    Pehr will love looking at her handmade baby book especially when she's grown, just like I love looking at the one my mom made for me. She even included a lock of hair from my first haircut!

    One of my most favorite childhood memories are the Easter egg hunts my mom would set up, nothing fancy, she'd hide these little chocolate eggs all over the house or garden, and whenever anyone was getting close or far, she'd say "cold" "warmer"... we leapt on top of each other when she said "hot!"

    Happy Easter!

  14. The photo album is such a good idea. I loved to look at mine when I was younger and my best friend has made one for each of her children. They love it!
    I am especially amazed by your choice of material: lovely but sturdy pages and adhesive photos. Small fingers-proof maybe? This is very good thinking! I am sure you will find the time to keep up with the album and will enjoy the process.

    And the pincushioned jar is very pretty with its all-blue tones (outside and inside). It is the same attention to detail, which makes what you do and share on your blog so pretty!

  15. This is gorgeous. My boyfriend and I have scrapbook a bit like that and I can imagine if/when we have children we’ll continue the tradition…it’s so much more nostalgic and beautiful than a fill-in-the-blanks kind.