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11 February 2013

Although I haven't come to my blog much lately, lots has been happening believe me!

Mostly attending our cub, who is now a hugemungous 4 months old...whaaaaaat! The pics above are from about 2.5 months I think. I love her hair, its like a little tornado at the back. 
Being a parent is amazing, I cant really put it into words...she has taken up my world really. Even if I have a bit of time to do some sewing, I'll end up making something for her. 
I made these...a smock (which I showed you before) and some trousers from the same grey scarf, with snazzy pocket.

I also have gone quilt mad, and have made three in total! the second one I used these fabrics from Libertys (minus the pink one).

(I amazed myself by putting this finished quilt into the wash with a GREEN cloth and it came out GREEN. After 4 hot washes and a mild bleach soak...it now looks 100 years old, what a plonker) the photo above, is from before the washing machine drama. After that, I was spurred on to create another, using up some of my maternity clothes...

I will post a photo of it soon.
Im now working on a third quilt! (you can see the first one here)

We've been out in our van too, we went to Wisly Gardens and used our pram which rarely gets an outing.

I suddenly felt like a mum pushing that pram, quite odd.

I must say that its not all a bed of roses, of course there are days when I am chained to the sofa with a grumpy tot. Or getting down about my jeans I 'used' to wear, and the lack of house cleaning motivation. But generally Pehr is really lucky to have both parents with her pretty much all of the time...this is something we consciously wanted for our lives and we are so happy all the work paid off and we can have the family life as planned, Its a luxury we could only have achieved in our 30s I think.
We can take it turns to have long soaks in the bath etc...and she sleeps through the whole night long...result!

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