ardingly antiques fair

22 February 2013

We haven't been gathering much junk lately, so we rectified the situation by going to Ardingly antiques fair in our van this week. We were after some storage furniture and bits and bobs for our flat...we found some brilliant bargains, we were really chuffed!

don't worry, I didn't buy all these.

We always lust after all the market dogs, we'd really like one, one day.

I didn't find much textiles this time, I usually come back with bundles. Someone must have got there before me!

fossilised socks.

lovely school chairs.

our nipper was so well behaved all day, Im so impressed! She had her first experience of sun light and got to touch grass for the first time, ahhh...
We bought...a small desk, a HUGE plan chest which has deep drawers for our studio refurbishment, a little book case, and draw/cupboard thing for changing table, a stool, a writing desk top, a kettle, 3 x bags, baby clothes, and a lampshade. All but one, we managed to squeeze into our van, leaving not much space to enjoy our post market cuppa. The massive plan chest we had delivered to our workshop.

a few of our findings...
cardigan £5

cant remember how much these were?

tiny basket for Pehr £3

cupboard thingy £60

stool was £8, bookshelf £10.

But, you have to add on petrol cost and £20 each entry fee, ouch! x

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