Oh snow!

20 January 2013

Yes, if you live in the UK you are most likely crunching your way through snowy streets today. I love snow. I mean, I really love it. I think its something to do with the light bouncing around and the muffled sound...it cheers me up no end. Unfortunately I have come down with my first cold in over a year, its not too bad, but a bit crap. I more worried about passing it onto the sproglet.
It didn't stop us all getting out in the white stuff anyways...only to the park and the local pub (and then cafe afterwards). Me mister took some nice pics...

(except this one) Pehr looks like some kind of marsupial. 

She is on a bit of moo juice lately...I found these funny bottles in H&M of all places.

Peckham Rye park has a 'Japanese' garden, which always makes us laugh. Basically there is a bit of struggling bamboo and a small stream (that dogs use to run about in) and a strange wooden-ish temple that looks like a bus shelter. At least they made the effort though. I will bring Pehr here every season so she can get the idea.

I love taking her out in the carrier...although she slept most of the time, she did have a bit of a peer around to see whats what. Generally I think she liked the snow, can't wait for her to be big enough to have a snowball fight.

Regarding rucksack, its amazing how much stuff you have to carry around with you when you have a babe. Mind you, I always take too much stuff 'just in case' we get stuck in the snow or something y'know.

I really need to get my butt in action and make a start on our list of things to get done this year. I have to work on our wedding ring shop soon, and we have some new items to upload...very exciting indeed!
I'll be doing the photos tomorrow hopefully.

Plus my Junkaholique vintage shop is in desperate need of updating, so I'll try and get on with that too, shortly.

More snow to come, apparently 

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