the cotswolds again

12 August 2012

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last weekend { yes it took me a week to get this post up!} i went to the Cotswolds with my husband Nao, in our van. The forecast was for a lot of rain, but we packed out tent as well just in case the sun came out. We had a great time, I love the Cotswolds after our first trip there last year

we stayed at a fish farm! It had huge big ponds everywhere, with ducks, rabbits and donkeys.

I made Baked Bean stew with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs. I get a bit fed up with those fancy camping cook books that encourage you to make a chocolate souffle or whatever. I think when you are camping you have to eat simply with ingredients that don't go off over night, and don't involve lots of washing up and endless ingredients. Really anything tastes good when you are outdoors, as long as it is hot ; )

we ALWAYS have brioche for breakfast, only when we are camping though.

The campsite cat came into our van...I though it was such a cute cat until the owner said that she killed all the ducklings this spring. Not so cute anymore eh? But to a cat, that would have been a pretty sensible thing to do...humans do it all the time!

*Please note: this is NOT Plimsoll*

The best thing about having a campervan {apart from the rain proof factor} is that you can stop anywhere and have everything you need...

We spotted a a lay by with a beautiful field.

we ate a LOT.

the dramatic cloudy sky suddenly turned blue and shiny.

sadly, it was too muddy to put up our tent so it remained on our roof rack the whole trip. Maybe next time it will get an airing.
On the way home it started pouring with rain, and our window wipers stopped working! We stopped at Blenheim Palace and wondered how to get back to London without wipers. We even thought of attaching string to them and pulling them form the inside! Luckily the sky cleared and we made it home in no time. We don't usually go camping when its rainy so our wipers are a bit ropey...time for the garage for the van : (

I have a bit of a back log of blog posts to catch up on, so I will try and get them done in the next couple of days.

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