25 August 2012



A wonderful pressie from the Vicar dropped through my letter box!
So delightfully wrapped I had to show you all.
 I have been playing the musical box to my bump and I think it likes it {well it does a little kick so I'm guessing that's good?}.
And a BEAUTIFUL scarf, with dancing monkeys on it, *I love it*.


  1. What an adorable package to receive! Little, thought out things like that just make my day.

  2. Such a thoughtful gift.
    I love the Vicar's quirky style...the scarf is
    gorgeous and I am sure
    the bump will love listening to the little music box
    and all wrapped so beautifully in her sunshiney colour!! :)

  3. There is nothing quite like a parcel in the mail to brighten your day (especially one as beautiful as this!).

  4. Stunning. I have one of those musical bits... mine plays Imagine by John Lennon... I remember hooking up a set of headphones and playing the theme song from the film Last of the Mohicans - Promentary - to my bump. When Max was born I would then play it to relax him - it always worked.... well actually that's a fib - it worked most of the time :-)

  5. What a sweet present! So beautifully wrapped :)



  6. Thanks for showing this nice present! Such a music box.. my daugther have got such one too and I like it very much!! They are so nice!! With love, Herma (your van-lover):))

  7. I'd never realised my life was missing a dancing monkey scarf until now! What a lovely parcel to receive! :)

  8. I love the colours of that scarf! & I adored my music box chimes so much as a kiddo! I haven't seen one in ages! Nostalgia overload :') xx

  9. What an inspiring way to wrap a present, I always find that the best part! just lovely x