24 August 2012

Flat Stanley gets a pressie...

Looks like Flat Stanley has charmed the ladies somewhat, as he has received a pressie, from the lovely lady at {my favourite} vintage shop - Leftovers.
He dived into the crunchy tissue paper, and discovered...
a beautiful embroidered bib! Perfecto!

now he can tuck into his moules marinieres, and glass of chablis.

by the way, an interesting fact that I learnt from that very same lady from Leftovers -
Blue used to be for girls and pink was for boys. Yes indeed! And she even showed me two vintage boxes from France, both for newborn baby gifts and the pink one was for a boy and the blue for a girl.
so there you go!
Our nipper will be borrowing Flat Stanley's bib I'm sure, {only when he's not using it of course!}
Thank you Leftovers! X


  1. Little girls look lovely in blue, but you then get passing comments like ' how old is he?' etc.
    I've never tried my little boy in pink, but my daughter did wear blue as a baby! It's all so exciting waiting for the birth!! Sarah

  2. Thanks for the piece of information! Just last week my granny and I watched an old picture of her mom and mom´s twin sister and we were wondering why they had blue ribbons in their baptism dresses (don´t know the right word for it, sorry!)

    Greetings from Finland,

  3. ha ha, I love this. Flat Stanley will look ever so dashing whilst eating his moules marinieres!

  4. Melanie from Sydney29.8.12

    Yes, pink was seen as a strong color like red, and blue was a more passive color. My little pumpkin does wear blue, looks lovely, and am planning to base her christening outfit on white and blue. But I also received a similar comment when someone called my very petite looking baby girl "he" when she was in a blue onesie (tho it did have pink on it as well) Never mind, I just waved it off. Love flat Stanley, he looks Devine with his bib