Flat Stanley

6 July 2012

I purchased Flat Stanley from an elderly lady's stall in a flea market. He strangely lacked any stuffing, and was looking a bit deflated so the lady had called him Flat Stanley. He had a solemn look but a twinkle in his eye...so I took him home.

After closer observation, Flat Stanley was diagnosed with a severe case of stuffingitis {where the foam inside had dissolved into a gritty sand like substance}. A few small incisions were made, and the offending substance removed.

After a long soak a in very hot bath, and a vigorous internal jet wash up the y'know what, he was ready for a bit of grooming.

after a blow dry and brush, his hair was looking almost lustrous.
He was soon ready for his final stage...a good stuffing.

and a cerise tie...

He is now called 'Stanley'

The End

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