20 July 2012

a few findings of late...

German cross-stitch window hanging things and French slides.

Nao found a wee shirt...

very colourful blanket and some bags made from old tea towels...

tool boxes that are in need of a face lift, and I found lots of nice clothes, silk 1920s dress to cover my bump and some knitted socks for my hospital bag!

old school excercise books and tiny Japanese{?} draws...

I found a few nice knitting bags and wooden needles...

and a very little picture of a very large house...

toodle pip!


  1. Fantastic finds once again x

  2. WOAH!
    Great things! Love it!

  3. The little picture of the stately home conjures up all sorts of imaginings - brilliant find!

    Jem xXx

  4. Ohh I love you're wonderful eye


  5. hihi, this is german! so funny to see it on your blog. do you know what it says? I could translate....

  6. Thanks Esther,
    Someone already did...{see last posts comments}.

    Its somekind of Nazi kitchen propaganda? oh dear, nearly as bad as when i found a nice old mug for my tea, which turned out to be for spitting up TB infected phlegm. nice.

    Do you think i could chop up the words and re-arrange them into something more innocent? x

  7. I wish markets were as nice around here. There are only two kinds of markets here: those ones full of ugly junk and those ones with wonderful, magnificient super expensive things. We need something that could stand in the middle.Or I'll move to england!

  8. That ardingly market looks fab! we just acquired some used deck chairs. They are rare in the u.s., guess people don,t like to catch their fingers in them. So comfortable tho.

  9. Your life is so beautiful.

  10. nice finds Artemis..particularly like the french slides and japanese box:)

  11. love that shirt!!

    follow mee



  12. As always ... swoon worthy ! I recently hit it lucky with a find of six stunning coffee sacks and an old galvanised bucket. Thrifting is simply therapy is it not :-)

  13. Anonymous23.7.12

    Hi there, you could just use the window hanging that says Geblüht im Sommerwind; thats "blossomed (maybe flourished) in the summer wind"... it would be pretty in a window that faces the garden... but yes, other posters are correct that most Germans today would find the other parts offensive or embarrasing.
    Love your blog!

  14. Cool tool box, all boxes will look like these in years but it can turn into new and unique like what you have done ;) these only shows that tool box is Durable made.

  15. Anonymous25.7.12

    Hello! i just wondered if the shirt Nao found is going to be for sale on your shop? (I wasn't sure if it was a child's shirt but i have assumed / crossed my fingers it isn't!)
    Thank you

  16. Such wonderful treasures!

  17. Anonymous10.8.12

    Your beautiful blog makes me feel so tired, all i want to do is fall asleep under the stars, in a lovely tent, or bus, or in the grass among wild flowers.

  18. lovely blog and such brilliant finds :)

  19. Anonymous20.8.12

    The house is broadlands in romsey, where the earl of mountbatten lived