3 June 2012

a very dull bank holiday


I feel very sorry for all those numpties that went to watch the jubilee shenanigans on the Thames in the rain, when they could have been tucked up in their living rooms with slippers on and mug of tea resting gently on their bellies. Still it did make for entertaining watchin.

We have had a weekend of chores so far, getting a few jobs ticked of the list {finally after weeks of back of the head nagging}. I cut these flowers from the garden that we've inherited. I don't normaly like cutting flowers from the garden, 'cause in the garden is where they should be. But I found these tucked around the back where no one would have seen them anyway.

Plimsoll has learnt what to do when it is raining.


  1. Anonymous3.6.12

    Couldn't agree more, saw much more from the comfort of my sofa, even managed a little snooze!!!

  2. I can imagine it would have been glorious just a couple of degrees warmer with no rain! But as it stands I was very happy to be camped on the sofa with the boy and some homemade lemonade! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Best way to spend this dull bank holiday.

  4. oh I'm not a numptie and I went along to the thames. Actually it was really quite fun.. love being part of a hoohaa even if not that fussed about the queen but love celebrating London really! Spot of rain never hurt anyone but you're right, it was lovely to have a nice hot bath and cup of tea when home :) !
    Probably plimsoll had the right idea after all!

  5. Flora, Im very impressed with your bravery! I'm such a weakling when it comes to cold and rain...unless its at a flea market ; ).

  6. Ha ha! I'm one of those numpties, too, but didn't spot the Queen! We got drenched - don't think I've been as wet in a long time. But, I plan to watch it all on iplayer, too - even though I'm not fussed about the Queen too!

  7. This may have a ring of the cliche about it but I was hoping there was a new post today. I find the photography in this blog to be quite beautiful. Not to mention soothing. Is that odd?

    Thanks & Cheers!

  8. I tried to be one of those numpties but couldn't get near the river! We then ended up in Trafalger Square (which is where the police directed us) to watch on the big screen that was there along with probably a couple of hundred other people only to be told (half an hour later) the screen was only for Tuesday! Argh!

    I was not a happy bunny especially seen as I'd dressed up in red, white and blue (including a specially made hair accessory). You were much better tucked up inside!

  9. We watched the rain and all the boats from the comfort of the sofa - def. the right idea.
    Now, about picking flowers from the garden.... with lots of flowers it can help to pick them. Think of it this way - it is in the nature of a plant to want to produce seed and scatter it all over the place. If you pick a flower before it can set seed, the plant thinks "Ah, I must produce another flower, aa that attempt has been thwarted." If you were to allow all your sweet peas to change from flowers into seed pods, you would not get more flowers on that plant.
    Does this make sense? It doesn't apply to all flowers, but if you ever see instructions to pick or deadhead frequently, this is the reason why.

  10. Sounds like a lovely afternoon on the couch - we managed to avoid the jubilee all together (not intentionally) and hung out in the pub! Lovely flowers - my roses haven't made an appearance this year - sadly I think I cut them back too far last year x

  11. I say, Plimsoll for King (or Queen...is Plimsoll a boy or girl...I can't remember??) Then we could all stay tucked up under a blanket every time it rained! xxx

  12. Anonymous5.6.12

    I slumbered on my sofa, with blanket, cake and coffee, watching the totally British and ever so slightly bonkers flotilla progress up the Thames, bless the totally drenched choir and the stoic painters on the wobbly bridge who had to watch all their hard work wash away.
    Only in England!

    jane xx

  13. Here in Canada we watched as well, and had special fare to toast the Queen (she does look lovely!) Plimsoll pics are gorgeous!

    Anna (originally from Luton)

  14. Yep - watched the Jubilee celebrations from my friend's sofa, full up with delicious roast chicken. Did have Pimms, though, to get into the spirit...

  15. Awwww... Your little Plimsoll is such a cutie! Looks a lot like my little Arya... :)



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