14 June 2012

random junk


I have a 'thing' about black/grey bird pictures in cream frames!
That cigarette dispenser I am hoping to fill with colouring pencils instead.
...and some not too religious looking church cushions.

This weather is dull, and the snails have eaten all my peas. BUT we are still hoping to go camping this weekend ; )

p.s. if you are wondering why my photos are looking dark and fuzzy, its because the sun is on its summer holidays else where.


  1. The sun is not much around in The Netherlands too, lots of rain and lots of snails too.I love your bird pictures.

  2. this light is no fun for photography is it?! those cushions are beautiful.

  3. Anonymous15.6.12

    Good luck with the camping I have a feeling that at the moment it may be possible to drown in a field. My poor daughter is doing her Duke of Edinburgh camping trip in Epping Forest so steer clear of the area as there will be shed loads of moronic London teenagers staggering around with iphones trying to navigate their way to the pub!
    Jane xx

  4. great junk! i love the church cushions

  5. snails ate my peas too!!! and radishes, and coriander...

  6. lots of nice junk..the kokeshi dolls are wonderful

  7. Maybe I'm a bit weird but I like the light in your photos, overcast days are often the best photography days.

    I love those little duck salt and pepper shakers!

  8. Lots of good junk, lovely! Hope you managed to enjoy some sun on your camping trip, it did come out for a bit over the weekend!

  9. I love the birds pictures. I love birds...

  10. Oooh I love all the new baby clothes (just seen them as I've been away on my hols) you are very talented 😊 xx

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