lazy camping

24 June 2012


Lazy camping is where you don't leave the campsite.
The weather has been rubbish this summer so far, husbondo and I decided we'd still go camping anyway. We stayed at a farm in Sussex that we had been to last year. The evening we arrived was blowing a gale force wind, and combined with the rain and mud, had deterred most campers so the campsite was pretty much empty, very nice. By the way, Nao took a lot of these photos, he's getting really good with the camera me thinks!

When it was too windy for a fire outside, we cooked on the stove in the van which was extremely cosy. In fact all we did was eat and sleep and drink tea.

We were surrounded by some very 'friendly' ducks, that had worked out that, where there is smoke there is fire....and where there is fire, there are campers cooking dinner.

in the van...

We did visit a castle on the way back to London, and it had a beautiful lake and a tiny old village next to it.

We are trying to make the most of this crappy summer, and we are so glad to have our van : )

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