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21 May 2012

Been meaning to visit the folks on the Isle of Wight for a while now, as we now have a new member of the family...little sweet cheeks herself: Amelie-Rose arrived a few weeks ago! Huge congratulations to my brother and his girlfriend.
We didn't get up to much other exciting stuff, in fact we were a bit lazy. Just eating and driving about in our van. We slept in it too, parked outside my mum's flat as usual.

Nao was sporting his Union Jack sunglasses...

...which suprisingly no one commented on!

I did a lot of this...

{and no, were not growing weed in our van, they are tomato plants to take home}

we also popped over to see Osborne House, y'know, Queen Vicky's holiday house.
It wasn't to my taste interior-wise, but the gardens were ok ; )
I liked the stone Hog the best.

Gosh and blimey, arnt we exciting?! 
In other news...
My shed is now rebuilt in the new garden {thanks Nao!} and I hope to get on with some baby sewing shortly. Got a whole load of patterns and ideas of things to make, which should keep me occupied whilst I become whale shaped. Also got loads of seeds and plants to get in the soil! I hope I get the chance to do domestic stuff soon...oh hummmm...

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