15 May 2012

bluebells to the rescue


We are having a tough old time of it at the moment, lots of stress and headaches to sort out which is getting us both down : ( 

BUT, It was great to win a nice pressie on Ebay, and have the excuse of a days excursion to beautiful Sussex countryside to collect it!
I am now half way to having our babe pop out, still a bit early to be buying baby stuffs admittedly, but we have won a lovely little cot for our tiny flat. It has been used by the owner for all her previous tots so it lovely to have a cot with happy memories already attached. I'm sure our babe will be nice and comfy in it. Photos of it will follow shortly.

Anyways, after collecting it, we drove past a Steam train station and decided to go for a ride.
It was quite amazing that so many people dedicate their time to keeping these old trains and stations alive. The whole trip was quite hilarious, but we didn't see many bluebells as promised, but it was lovely none the less.

After the exhausting train ride and browse around Lewes antique shops, we looked for a country layby in which to have a sneaky nap in the car. We stopped by a dull looking woods and decided to venture in. After a few minutes walking we notice a blue-ish haze in the distance...which opened out to the most glorious bluebell woods I have ever seen. The smell was incredible. What a treat, we'd given up all hope of seeing the bluebells this year.

The woods came out onto a clearing with a tiny stream flowing around an oak tree. Little rabbits all around. Whilst strolling and admiring the English scenery, suddenly my entire leg disappeared down a rabbit hole.

I was laughing so hard I though I might have brought on early labour!

So, even though our ongoing drama with estate agents {ahem ahem, Pedder on Lordship Lane, tutt tutt!} continues, and we are still unable to unpacked after three weeks since moving into our new place...I'm always rescued by... some simple pleasures of life.


  1. How spellbindingly beautiful! Thank heavens for the simple pleasures in life x. And as for Estate Agents - don't even get me started! It's a wonder how anyone buys or sells their houses at all! We nearly pulled out of buying our house purely down to the incompetence of the Agents involved - if it hadn't been for a chance meeting with the vendor we'd be living somewhere else now! XxshellxX

  2. bluebells are so beautiful! what a lovely afternoon it must have been! and yes, there is something so nice about objects that already have so many nice memories around them - much nicer than sterile, factory-fresh things!

  3. Lovely!


  4. Wow, an ocean of bluebells.
    I'm a bit envious, haven't seen so much flowers in a forest in years. But I have seen the tulipfields a couple of weeks ago. They are lovely too.



  5. lovely post - gorgeous bluebells.

    I do hope the rabbit wasn't at home!! :)

  6. I love Lewes its got great rummage potential! I've never been on the railway though. Lovely bluebells too x

  7. Ahh, looks like you were in my neck of the woods. I grew up close by to the Bluebell Railway and we used to hear it tooting in the distance. Bluebell woods are just amazing.

  8. I grew up round by the old bluebell railway line, your pictures have flooded my head with many a childhood memory. Thankyou!
    Nattie x

  9. That top photo is absolutely beautiful! The place looks magical. I haven't managed to get to see the blubells yet this year, and I guess I've run out of time, oh well!

  10. Nothing so magical as flowers growing thick on the forest floor.


  11. Beautiful photos. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the moment and thank you for reviving my hope in seeing bluebells this year, fingers crossed. x

  12. Lucky for you that you found your blue-silver lining in a patch of bluebells!

    Half way to bubba....lordy be! Must be time for a belly shot?

    Not sure why you aren't unpacked? Are you not staying??

  13. I hope you get your home sorted very soon, how stressful, I am very lucky to have bough my small house years ago in Peckham, I wouldn't be able to pay the rents in this ares these days otherwise, good luck with all.

  14. Nap often, practice acceptance and know that all things pass - is advice I would do well to take myself! Take care of yourself & baby.

  15. Anonymous17.5.12

    A bluebell wood was at the top of my "must see" list when we visited England ten years ago. The magic is still with me!
    Linda in NZ

  16. I always love your post. So peaceful and natural. I love your photo's and writing. Its just a great combination with your life and work. Did you know 'rust' in dutch means: rest? Nice name!