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11 April 2012

Gosh, I'm really not cutting the mustard when it comes to my blog these days! I'm ever so grateful to those readers who are still sticking around during my empty blog days.
Our RUST business has literally gone a bit crazy this year with orders...which is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! but for a lazy person like me, its hard to get used to the new work rhythm. So Junkaholique has suffered as a result. Also, we are in that 'just about to move' limbo land. Some stuff in boxes, some in refuse sacks, and the rest just scattered randomly about the place. We have little lanes inbetween our stuff to get from one room to the other! Its a bit depressing and we still have another two weeks before we can move into civilisation, blimey! I had trouble finding a small clearing in which to take these pictures, of...yes...more stuff!
Needless to say, we have been to the market.

So, anyway, I found some things for my shop, and some things for our new flat, and some thing for my animal hospital. I grabbed this rabbit for the shop and handed over my pennies quick as a flash, only to realise later that it is minus a tail.

I only parted with 100 pennies, and it does have bells inside its ears. It will await a pompom tail, along with all the other half mutated, limbless, eyeless animals in the shed.

I loved this teapot, so weird looking. It has tiny squirrels holding their nuts on the handle.
Not sure if this is for the shop yet...still undecided. I love the idea of teapots, but I rarely use one in real life. I'm a bag in the mug kinda gal. Stir, squeeze, squeeze, then flick in the bin.

and check out this tea cosy. Its a stunner me thinks, and will add a bit of colour to my shop.

Its not just teapots I aspire to, I also never wear heels, yet I have purchased myself another pair.
I think I'm just drawn in by the gold embossed stamps on the inner soles of vintage shoes. In fact anything gold embossed makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. These ones are made by Lily & Skinner, great names no? I think this brand is still about today, although nowhere near the quality of these ones in my opinion.
I'm guessing they are 1970s? I also found that faded green paisley scarf too.

Did you know I collect old wind up animals?
well you do now. Husbondo found this little fella. His foot has fallen off, but hopefully {in the Animal Hospital} it can be re-attached. It does the most hilarious wiggle dance, and sounds just like a real goose {but I think it is meant to be a penguin}. I will try and make a film of it soon.

and obviously, I found the quilt too. Its lovely and soft and faded. Its very small though, but will be nice for our flat.

this cushion is made of delicate embroidered silk. I suppose its from the 1920s by the look of it.
It will be in the next shop update.

and finally, we found an old storm lantern that some clever chap {probably retired and looking for reasons to stay in his shed away from the missus} has transformed it into an electrical lamp.
Genius. Now you can go camping indoors, you can imagine my delight at finding this.

so that's it for new junk, now I just have to start packing all the other junk.
I started packing up my shed the other day, I got as far as one box before I needed a nap.

The good thing is that with all the wool and fabric in there, wrapping up the fragiles is peasy.

Bear with me, my kind and patient peeps, I will be back to regular blogging very soon...and I will have lots of new things to report, I promise!

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