junk finds

1 March 2012

even though I've been mega busy {yes honestly, its true} I did get the chance to squeeze in a bit of junk rummaging here and there.  I picked up a few things for my shop, but I'll collect a few more before I do another update.  I love these knitted slippers, I actually have three similar pairs myself. And the wee leather purse with a lovely patterned lining caught my eye. I also love these old Victorian tiles...

so many uses for these, but wouldn't they look amazing set above a little old sink, oh yes...tres chic!

Also, looks like the husbondo and I will have to move flat in the next couple of weeks, which is actually a good thing because we desperately need more space {our flat is basically a bedsit, its soooo small}. So that will be another adventure for the spring. Oh spring...my favourite season of all, ahhhhhh!

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