a short interlude

14 February 2012

beg your pardons, I have been away from my blog for a bit. The combination of illness, cold weather and work have all jumbled together into a big soup of February misery. Weekends have mostly been spent under four or five blankets, eating baked beans and watching Eastenders on iPlayer. I know, pitiful isn't it.

these pictures are from a few weeks back actually when we had a beautiful frost. We have since then had snow, twice! I did intend to show you some pictures of that but for technical reasons {I forgot I downloaded them at work} so I'll show you them later.

Happy Valentines day, I hope you all have lovely evenings and keep warm {nudge nudge, wink wink}
More posts coming up, but they might be a bit sporadic...bear with me, its nearly March and I will have thawed out by then.

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