13 January 2012

did you know...im a big fan of Wales. Not only does it have its own language and some of the worlds best singers...they are also pretty nifty when it comes to blanket making too. I always wanted a Welsh tapestry blanket, but they are always soooo expensive. but...I just sniffed out this little single bed sized one for not as much pennies. As with all Welsh tapestry blankets, it has a different pattern on the reverse which is very pactical me thinks! Oh I love it so much, and another thing...this blanket is a special one because it will be meeting one very special Italian in two weeks...I absolutely CAN'T wait to tell you what I am on about.
Another fact...I lived in Italy for a year when I was 18. Sì, è vero!! {and no, I can't speak Italian, only a few phrases like...'I'm sorry I'm English' and 'large cup of ice cream please'.

another new piece of tapestry... this little Swedish wool mat, which will make a perfect pot rest for our Campervan.

lastly, as I know I have such knowledgeable readers! anyone know the name of these flowers? They have lasted for about two weeks now and I love the wild look, I'd like to grow it in the garden if it's a local specimen.
well, bit of a random post now I've just read it back...sorry about that! Best wishes to everyone and may you all have a safe Friday 13th.

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