18 January 2012

R Mason's - a fox for RUST!

we are currently in the process of updating our Rust Men's shop in Tokyo. Nao is designing the new look, and he will be selling some vintage/antique clothing and men's grooming products {made in London} there too. All very exciting! The other day we happened across the blog of artist Rob Mason and fell in love with his bonkers and slightly ironic art works. So we asked if he could make some of his friendly taxidermy for the new shop display. First came the fox!

I think its a she? I love her snout!

We also have a beautiful stag head and wild boar to add {i didn't have time to photograph them yesterday as they were fedex-ed away before I had the chance!} You can see pictures of them over on Rob's blog 'A musing' which is one of my new favourite blogs so you must take a look...especially his amazing shed studio that he built. You can see more of his wonderful work on his website too.
In a couple of weeks I'll show you the pictures of the heads in situ!


  1. Oh my, what fun!

    I love that last shot of the fox head, all surrounded by vines.

  2. This is awesome! What character. I love unique art like this : )

  3. These look great! Plus I've really enjoyed having a nosey around his site - his shed space looks stunning!

  4. he's a wonderful fox! love the firendly theatrical theme.

  5. Awww amazing. Of course it's a she... she's a foxy fox! Wish I had the excuse to get something like this too :)

  6. why are you two so darn amazing? everything you do is magic!!!


  7. so lovely...and beautiful!