out with the old...

7 January 2012

so the christmas twee has gone, and my desk has come back in from the shed. From now on it is spring in our flat, I don't care what the calendar says. We have daffodils everywhere!
Do you like my new lampshade? Its from Lush Designs, I love their illustrations, so this is a post-xmas pressie to myself.

Nao got me this cushion from the same place too...hairy pigs! {i hope its not a hint}

so the last remenents of the xmas food stuffs is slowly coming to an end, my VW camper chocolates are dwindling down to six. They are too cute to eat, but now its the only chocolate in the flat, their days are numbered.

By the way, a few peeps asked where those paper PomPoms are from, well they were sent by a friend but they came from this company in Holland.

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