3 January 2012

The Bucket Tree SALE!

Oh yes indeedo! As I previously mentioned, I am swapping my vintage shop The Bucket Tree over to my new shop 'Junkaholique Shop'. So, no better time than to have a little sale! The New shop will be ready soon, but until then, sale items are available on The Bucket Tree as of now. Click here to take a look >


  1. Wonderful! I have just bought the large blanket. You have no idea how long I have been looking for one of these. Thank you for putting it on sale as I couldn't afford it before. It will look great on our guest room bed x

  2. Love the box :)!


  3. The things I like have sold already! Gutted! But good for you!! I hope it goes well!

  4. hi there! your blog is absolutely beautiful.
    i just wanted to ask where you found your gorgeous cream cardigan, the one you wear in lots of photos, like the one where you're making tea in the campervan for example? thanks:)

  5. Dobar dan!
    Happy New Year to you both:D
    I am Margi from Croatia, Split. I discovered your blog last year and I like very much all your post about you and Nao, your work and charming shop...

  6. Love those little leather bags, when I was in India we accidentally walked down a side street to find 5 men assembling something similar & we bought as many as we could.

    That box is so gorgeous too.



    PS. I just started following your blog but had already featured you in a post from way back without realising. Lovely stuff! :)